Atlas Brew Works – Rowdy

I have two kids.

They are as sweet as can be… sometimes. Often however they are like crazy little monkeys getting into everything, jumping on and off of everything… you get the picture. And lately they have been straight up rowdy. They think they are little ninjas (probably our fault for letting them watch Ninjago) and everything is a “bad guy” that they need to attack. It’s like they have some kind of magical inexhaustible energy inside of them. We try to get them out in the sunshine and let them run around like little mad men since our home is just too confining for their ambitious and raucous activities. It’s our only hope of getting them to bed on time. When we finally do get them to bed (after the bath, after a story, then another story, then a third story, then a song, then one more song, etc…) it’s time to unwind with a drink.

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