Atlas Brew Works – Rowdy

I have two kids.

They are as sweet as can be… sometimes. Often however they are like crazy little monkeys getting into everything, jumping on and off of everything… you get the picture. And lately they have been straight up rowdy. They think they are little ninjas (probably our fault for letting them watch Ninjago) and everything is a “bad guy” that they need to attack. It’s like they have some kind of magical inexhaustible energy inside of them. We try to get them out in the sunshine and let them run around like little mad men since our home is just too confining for their ambitious and raucous activities. It’s our only hope of getting them to bed on time. When we finally do get them to bed (after the bath, after a story, then another story, then a third story, then a song, then one more song, etc…) it’s time to unwind with a drink.

Shhh, do you hear that…


For last night’s silent “after hour” (when you have kids it’s no longer called “after hours”) I had brought home a six pack of “Rowdy” from Atlas Brew Works. Maybe it was a subconscious choice given the rowdy morning, but it was something I haven’t had before and that’s always my purchasing justification. In the glass it displays a gorgeous copper brown color with persistent carbonation. The nose is full of bready malt and rye aromas, with piney hop notes playing second fiddle. On the palate, rich toasted malt again is in the driver’s seat. Rich indeed on the palate, but not heavy. The finish is followed by pleasant bitter hops. This beer is what a rye ale should be. Heavy on the rye and modern in style with the hops. Best of all, it comes from a 100% solar powered brewery in DC, just an hour south of us down I-95.

So next time you have a rowdy day and need some “R and R,” or if you just can’t get that Dr. Seuss book out of your head because your kids had you read it 10 times, grab yourself an Atlas Rowdy. It’s the perfect example of a rye ale that isn’t shy on the rye… says I.